Sunday, 30 November 2014

Last Sunday of November

Up and out of bed early this cold (-3) November morning, I was paged to assess a labour at 05:00. For us Westcoasters, minus 3 is COLD! The labour was early, so I left the couple with their doula and headed home until things progressed further. 

I try to eat mostly raw, but I don't expect my children to do the same. I have three kids of my own and two international home-stays. The kids often drink my smoothies and eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, but they like cooked food, after all they are teenagers.  My home-stays,say my food is too healthy, I love it!

I try to make as much food from scratch as I can, or buy locally made organic products. I make all the cookies and muffins for the weekly lunches and what a perfect thing to do while waiting on a labour! 

I found this recipe online and used spelt flour, brown sugar and Nature's Path cereal, but you can use any type of breakfast cereal.

Done just in time... paged back to deliver a baby:)

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