Thursday, 27 November 2014

No One's Perfect

I have a friend who struggles with her weight and allowing "good food" to come naturally into her life. She wants to trim down and most importantly feel better, have more energy and show her children how important good food and a healthy lifestyle are! I encourage her often, but also remind her that the  change to a healthier lifestyle has to come from within. The key word here is lifestyle, its a lifetime of eating well and exercise not a quick fix or "diet".

I was talking with this friend this morning about eating right and she mentioned that when she was a child she was sent to school with an apple, a juice box and a sugary sweet, that was her example of nutrition. In turn, I mentioned my lunch box wasn't much better as a kid in the 1970's and early 80's  usually a factory made cookie, an apple and a white bread sandwich, often filled with cheese spread, sweet pickles and processed meat! My friend was surprised by this; she thought I had always eaten healthy...nope! I grew up like many of us over fed, but under nourished.

A quote from my friend after hearing that I too was a junk food kid, " talk about that on your blog. make the rest of us feel normal and give us the hope that we can break out of the sad diet too. I tend to think healthy people are that way because they always have been."

Personally I found nutrition on my journey to self acceptance. I made this choice to better myself and nourish my children. It didn't happen overnight, it takes time. Start by making a few changes and those changes will lead to more changes and so on. Think about how this has worked so far, the more junk foods you eat the more you crave, the worse you feel. Most of us gradually abused our bodies over time and don't really notice until we are in trouble with our health, are over weight, or tired and depressed. I know its time to turn things around, love yourself and allow positive change to happen.

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