Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Hello, i’m Angela,

I spent the better part of my childhood on Salt-Spring Island, where I was exposed to the forest, the ocean, farms, animals, interesting foods, beautiful people and the Saturday Market, oh how I loved the Saturday market! My father was a vendor selling his wares and I was his official “helper”. This experience set my foundation for health and simplicity. These memories are what brought me back to my roots… live simple, eating simple and flourish!

I now live in Victoria BC with my children and currently work as a midwife. I have been self-studying nutrition for years and am about to take the plunge and “officially study” holistic nutrition. I’m going to be busy, with kids, pets, work and school, but its all worth it to me. I’m going to acquire the knowledge to nourish, prevent illness and to help heal the human body with food, amazing! This is my passion...join me, find your inner love! Follow my journey, be inspired, watch and even make change, but only if you are ready! Here we go...

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